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Unlimited Socks/Http Private Proxies

Cheapest And Best Quality Http / Socks Proxies All proxies are Reverse / Backconnect Proxies.. With Our own proxies mixed.. Best for Account creation , mailing , parsing , Xrumer.. etc !

Outlook/ OCR With 25-30% Accuracy

Latest Outlook/ OCR 2013 With 25-30% Accuracy Rent Available ! We are happy to inform you that the latest version of the Captcha  Solver OCR is available now

Aol OCR With 70-85% Accuracy For Rent

Latest Aol/Aim OCR 2013 With 70-85% Accuracy Rent Available ! We are happy to inform you that the latest version of the Aol/Aim Captcha Solver OCR is available now Few features about our Aol Ocr

Recaptcha Ocr With 65% Accuracy

Latest Recaptcha Ocr 2013 With 50-65% Accuracy Rent Available ! And is capable of solving OLD as well as the latest reCaptcha at a good success rate of 50% to 65% minimum Few features about our Recaptcha Ocr

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Thanks for quick and great support .. a short teamviewer session and problem was solved .. great service solving rate is more than great.

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I have purchased various bots and rented ocrs from him over the past couple of years and he is one of the best guy to work with, his bots works flawlessly, and most importantly he actually provides support! Unlike other coders who are too busy to provide support to the customers, he will actually make sure that bot works perfectly and you are satisfied! A++

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Hey Friends

Thought it is now a good time to post my feedback here.

I have been using the email validator from Kelvin. The bot works like a charm and is very fast. It has cleaned up million of lines for me.
Most importantly he is not reluctant to add new features or update his bots when the need be.

In a line I would describe him as a good friend, a knowledgeable coder and a fast worker who is good for his word.

Waiting for him to be free to work on some of my other projects as well.

Wish everyone the best of luck.


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Just wanted to drum in my support for Kelvin here too, having dealt with him in the past.
He works with a very talented team and is always happy to modify things to suit your needs.


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2 days since I ordered and Kelvin delivered the

bot. Helped me with a small issue straight away
so I’ve now got a great bot set up thanks to him.

This bot is going to save me around $600/month
so the value is awesome and I’ll be going to Kelvin
for everything bot related I have in the future. This
guy knows his stuff.

Great product.
Great support.



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Used Kevlin’s OCR rental for a week now, and impressed is an understatement.

Firstly the Recaptcha OCR is OUTSTANDING, lightening fast, pretty much 100% up time and at least 50% accuracy, probably closer to 60%. Honestly the most impressive thing ive seen code wise in a long time with a <4 second solve time.

Secondly his customer support and communication is the best i have received with any seller on BHW. I integrated the OCR into a custom bot i was building and came into some issues (totally from my lack of coding experience, im not exactly a noob but i am certainly no pro) without even looking at my code kelvin knew exactly what the issue was, gave me the correct code over Skype instantly and within 5 mins i was up and running solving captchas super fast.

Mind blowing. So while i have not seen his coded bots, i can imagine from his clear skill in solving my issue that they are top class.

Honestly, Kelvin and his OCR are amazing. Fully recommended by me.
Thanks Mate!

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Kelvin did a 2 projects on me before..he did a great job and top notch support..its not a shitty ubot unlike other service offered here in bhw. I will hire him again and again..

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tried the 1h demo and it really solved some of the recaptcha. I was really surprised. I let it run for 60 minutes with a big list, but i had the feeling the LpM was lower. The success rate could really be around 65%, i cant say. From what i observed it was really good.

Average solving time was 1 second.

I consider buying the service, but I think 24h trial (for 5$ or sth) would be better to see how the LpM reacts.

The only problem i see is the average solving time. Of course recaptcha-engines are more worthy sometimes because they are not overspammed, but the solving time is 3 times higher than for other captchas because CB has to interact with a 3rd party program.

Best Regards

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